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Do you deserve what you charge?

Have you ever been caught in the confusion of “Am I priced too high or too low?” 

Then come the thoughts of “I know I’m good, but that other [person in the same industry] you compare yourself to is similar, and they charge more/less than I do.” 

Pricing. Ugh, It’s one of those aspects of a business where you can easily second guess yourself, especially when your bookings drop off or you start comparing yourself to others. 

But how do you know that you’re charging the right price?

What is the right price, even? 

Aside from aspects like working out your bottom line, and how much profit you want to make – you have an internal dialogue running in the background that determines what you’re worth. This dialogue is developed at a young age.

Image of canadian money with the words "Do you deserve what you charge? Your subconscious mind has the answer"

What we feel we deserve is determined by a couple of factors: 

  • Our past experiences
  • Our judgements upon others and their actions – usually from our parents’ behaviours and actions.
  • Emotional triggers to traumatic experiences from the past – like an unexpected bill, theft of money etc.

The above factors get locked into our subconscious mind and run on repeat. It’s continuously broadcasting, on a vibrational level, to the world, what you deserve. 

You know when someone says “just put yourself out there” or “believe in yourself”. Easier said than done. That type of advice can be so frustrating, right? 


We all have an internal thermostat that determines what we feel we deserve and what you think others deserve too. 

Charge too little or accept deep discounts, and you could have feelings of resentment towards yourself or your clients. Charge too much, and you may feel you need to compensate by giving more value than expected or feelings of narcissism. 

Deserve levels can also show up as how to manage your money.

For example you may be able to bring in lots of money but might spend it to bring yourself back the the known feeling of your set-point. 

For example someone who earns $50k could have more financial stability than someone who earns $100k. Your deserve leve will determine both what you can bring in and what you can keep.


Think of an iceberg. The tip is your conscious mind – it’s where willpower, logical thinking,  critical thinking, and short term memory live. 

All the ice hidden below the surface of the water is your subconscious mind. It houses beliefs, both positive and negative emotions (feelings), habits, intuition, long term memory, values, creativity and imagination, just to name a few. 

Approximately 90% of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours come from our subconscious mind. We carry these judgements and experiences throughout our lives from a young age, and it forms how we interact and respond to situations and others. 

Two fears drive our actions the most

  1. Fear of being unworthy 
  2. Fear of being incapable 

These fears are built upon since birth from our perception of the world around us. 

If that sounds sad, don’t worry, there is something you can do to raise your deserve level and to release old beliefs. 

BUT FIRST…two things not to do.

  1. Blame others
  2. Compare yourself to others

I will explore those in more detail in another post.


The ego is a funny thing. It’s your conscious mind’s perception of who you are.  It can show up as a negative inflated, or inaccurate view of yourself. 

The ego will protect its worst fears. Fears of being unworthy and incapable. Think of your ego as an annoying backseat driver, criticizing your every move…”Slow down, turn left, no, right?”

If you raise your prices, your ego will try to protect you from a disappointment that hasn’t even happened yet. It responds to the unknown future and the known past that lurks in your subconscious mind. 

It will whisper things like:  

  • You’re not good enough to charge those prices.” 
  • “No one will pay that.’ 
  • “What if you put them up, you won’t be able to put them down.” 
  • “You’re ripping people off.” 
  • “What will your peers/family/friends think,
  • “No one else we know charges that much” 

Your ego takes a hit; this throws our emotions off-kilter and stirs up all kinds of feelings of unworthiness. There’s nothing wrong with you. This is normal human conditioning. Your willingness to receive is mostly affected by your past. 

Do you find yourself saying things like 

  • “Wow, that’s so expensive.”
  • “I’ve never spent that much money on [whatever thing you want]” 
  • “My parents would kill me if they knew how much money I spent on that.” 

Do you get upset if someone asks for a discount but then get excited if you get a good deal? 

If someone is not seeing your value ask yourself “In what other areas of your life (this could be financial, career, family, education, spiritual) are you not seeing value in something. 

Often we see people asking for a discount as offensive to our abilities and worth. But you also need to take into account their perspective. 

Haggling and “getting a good deal” is commonplace in some cultures and some professions. Clients have their own deserve level too, and what they think something should cost. They’ll impart their values upon you. If you have your worthiness tied into your prices, you’re bound for disappointment.


Your worthiness level can be increased. High five for that. 

If you’re interested in exploring your worthiness set point or have any questions you can send me an email here or set up a free call with me here. I’ve love to hear your thoughts.